5 Things Legal Marketing Can Do For You

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Law Firm Marketing ConversionsWhen I first started working with attorneys I was like a preacher in a traveling tent show.  I was out to convince everyone who would listen that legal marketing was the answer to their problems.  I wanted them to know that legal marketing would help them get better clients, take more time off, work less and make more money.

Finally, I realized it was easier for me to work with the lawyers who ALREADY understood these things.  Converting people to my way of thinking was not just difficult; with some people it was impossible.

Every so often I come across a really good attorney who has the potential to change the law for the better.  The trouble is, nobody knows about him because he doesn’t believe in (understand) legal marketing.  So I occasionally write an article like this, just for that guy.  I’m hoping maybe he will stumble upon it and have a conversion experience.

Here are five things legal marketing can do for you:

Legal marketing can bring you more challenging cases that will offer you the opportunity to make new law. If you got into the law because you love it and you want to protect it and help it keep up with the times, you need to work on challenging cases.  If nobody knows who you are you will never get those cases.  Marketing yourself and your law firm in an ethical way can get the word out about your skills.

Legal marketing can help you get home at night to spend more time with your family.  Even if you don’t have a family you will benefit from more free time.  Here’s how this works:  People read what you write or they see you speak or they hear you being interviewed and they believe you are an expert.  That expertise has value.  This means you can charge more when they come to you with a problem.  Charging more means you have to take on fewer cases.  Taking on fewer cases means more free time.

Legal marketing can help you make more money.  Everybody needs money. It helps you buy groceries and transportation and clothing and a roof over your head.  Legal marketing and money go hand-in-hand.

Legal marketing can bring you opportunity you never dreamed possible.  If you are perceived as an expert in a specific niche (one of the key techniques in my legal marketing system) people will come to you for guidance in other areas.  This could offer you opportunity to invest in a business or help with a great nonprofit project.  With awareness comes opportunity.

Legal marketing provides the community with access to a better lawyer – you.  There is probably someone out there right now looking for a lawyer with your credentials.  He is a potential client.  He wants to work with you but he doesn’t even know you exist.  So he will probably get a lawyer with lesser skills.  Just because he doesn’t know about you.  That’s too bad.

I don’t do conversions anymore but maybe, just maybe you will convert yourself.  The world deserves to know about you and you deserve better clients, more money and more free time.