Are You Up To The Challenge?

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Law Firm Revenue Growth ChallengeHere is some good news for you.

Whether or not you are on track to reach your goals, this is the perfect time to take specific steps to grow your law firm revenue and your income.  The best way to do that is by taking massive action.

There are five systems in any law firm marketing plan. They are:

  • A system to develop new relationships by speaking at conferences and events
  • A system to attract new client interest through writing and publishing written content
  • A system for establishing new client relationships through networking
  • A system for creating new relationships with clients via the internet
  • A system to help you follow-up with all the new prospective clients and existing clients in your portfolio

Overall law firm growth comes from taking action to increase the number of relationships from each of these systems.

Our focus for this article is growing your client relationships via the internet.

If you have spent any time with me, you know I am not a huge fan of internet marketing for lawyers.  Search engine optimization has always been a black art and many practitioners of this voodoo marketing are unethical.

Google (and by proxy all other search engines) are aggressively working to stamp out the unethical SEO charlatans and social media (on-line interaction based upon relationships) is quickly expanding its influence on search results.

Today the outcome of an internet search is just as likely to be based upon your interactions with other real people on line as it is to be influenced by a guy in a room in India building links. But the trend is moving toward search results based upon your relationships with real people and away from false results influenced by gaming the system.

This legitimization of internet search, and the positive user experience it creates, makes the internet impossible for lawyers to ignore.

For this reason, I have identified the on-line marketing system as an area of rapid growth for both me and my clients.

That’s why I am issuing this challenge:

Together we are going to double our revenue from client relationships initiated via the internet during the next six months.

You read correctly.  We will double our money from internet marketing in the next six months.

Don’t worry.  I have a plan for us.

Listen to this weekly podcast as I outline our plan for growth during the next six months.

The Challenge: Double Your On-Line Revenue

I also “pull back the curtain” and give you an exclusive look into my own results from internet marketing.  They are not so exciting right now, but they will be in six months.

So are you up for the challenge?

Will you join me in doubling your number of on-line clients in the next six months?