Attorney Marketing Strategy: Teaching Sells

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As an attorney marketing your services you need to demonstrate your capability to solve the client’s problems.

You challenge is to help the clients make a good decision when selecting a lawyer and make sure the client understands what he is facing.

Educational marketing is the perfect way to do this.  Here are three ways to do educate your prospective clients and differentiate yourself from other attorneys.

Post Articles on Your Website

Your website should be an information repository.  A prospective client can go to your website to understand the circumstances he faces and the potential solutions to his problem.

Since he is not a lawyer, he cannot apply the solution himself but he can gain an understanding for how to select a competent attorney. Marketing is not just about convincing the client to hire you.  First you must convince him to seek help.  Then you can position yourself as the right attorney to handle the matter.

Hold Seminars

When a client learns the depth and complexity of the situation, he will look to you to solve his problems.  Preparing the client, in advance, can demonstrate this complexity.

When you conduct a seminar you have the credibility of being the person providing the knowledge.  In addition, preparing for the seminar will help you deepen your mastery of the subject.

Developing and delivering a seminar forces you to become researcher, professor and attorney. Marketing in this way is not only effective it is professionally ethical and helpful to the client.

Publish a Newsletter

Delivering timely, relevant information to your prospective clients is a great way to attract interest from people who can use your services.

One of the best ways to keep your information in front of people is by publishing a newsletter.  A newsletter provides you with an authoritative voice on your area of expertise.  Clients will seek you out as an authority.

Attorney marketing can be done effectively using the tree methods described above.  They are not the only methods of client attraction but they are a good start.