Attorney Niche Market Dominance

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Select a Niche MarketEveryone wants rapid results.

It’s as universal as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.

Achieving market dominance – becoming the firm everyone thinks of when a topic comes up – is not easy but there is a formula to creating this situation.

In every industry and in every market there is an underserved need.  If you can find that need and fill it, you will develop a great reputation.  In fact, that reputation may be so powerful you may be able to dominate an entire industry.  Need examples?

FedEx was originally created to deliver paychecks for the Federal Government.  The company now dominates global package delivery and logistics planning.

Google was developed in a garage as a way to organize the internet in order to help people find information.  This behemoth not only fulfills its originally intended purpose it also provides web-based software and email to 30% of the Fortune 500.

IBM was originally a company that built office hardware (including typewriters and clocks) but has transformed from that into the leading manufacturer of computers and printers (in the 1980’s) and then again (late 1990’s through today) into an information technology consulting powerhouse.

What do these three case studies (and hundreds of others like them) have in common?

The companies first dominated a narrow market niche and then transformed in order to dominate an entire industry.

You can do the same thing, even if you are currently one person in a law firm with a bare light bulb and a computer.

Today on The Valtimax Podcast I provide you with the blueprint for this kind of market dominance.

No, I can’t help you become FedEx or IBM.  That part is up to you.  But I can help you identify a market that needs your services and I can help you design an approach to gain a stranglehold on that market.

Listen to this radio show and take action.  The world is yours.  Let’s get started.

How to Dominate a Market Niche