Attorney Time Management: How to Boost Your Productivity

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It is difficult for most attorneys to make time for legal marketing.  In fact, one of the things that attorneys struggle with most is productivity improvement and time management

This stems from the belief that you must react to every stimulus in real time.  It is this belief that is one of the most limiting factors in the workday of any attorney.  You do not have to give your time and attention to every phone call, email or individual that pops into your life at random.  In fact, there is a more productive way to work.

This way of structuring your work became a staple for me a while back. At the time, I was a consultant with a major international research and consulting company and simultaneously attending Graduate School.  For me, time was indeed fleeting.

I knew I only had about 8 hours in any given day.  In case you do not believe the time budget, here is the breakdown:

  • Six hours for sleep
  • Three Hours for meals
  • One hour total for commuting
  • One hour total for personal hygiene
  • One hour returning email messages (throughout the day)
  • Two hours on phone calls throughout the day
  • Two hours in meetings
  • Eight hours of dedicated work time

Keep in mind that my time was never neatly allocated as I have described it above.  Those are aggregate totals of time scattered throughout the day and spent on the various activities (with the exception of sleep, which came in one block).

The way I organized my work in order to improve my productivity was by developing a system.  The system had three different aspects to it:

1). Bundle similar activities together
2). Control and dictate the time and pace of interactions with others
3). Say no to unproductive events and opportunities.

In order to understand how each these strategies work, you will need more detail but rest assured that if you think about structuring your workday in this fashion you will not only have more time to get your work done, you will also feel a giant sense of relief. 

I am going to provide you with the detail you need to develop this into a workable system over the next few weeks.  I will link each of the subsequent articles that describe my system to this one so that the entire narrative will be easy to follow.

Stay tuned.

If you master the use of your time you will also be more effective at legal marketing.