Best of the Rainmaker Minute 2009

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Each week I send a brief article on Business Strategy to my clients and a select group of VIPs in my database.  Some of the articles get a bigger reaction than others.  Below are the five articles that have generated the greatest response from my readers this year.

If you missed one of these articles, be sure to read it now and send me your feedback.  Love it or hate it, there is a lesson in each one.

The Top Five Rainmaker Minute Articles of 2009

Number Five:  Have You Had an Ethical Enema?

Hourly billing is going away.  If you are billing your clients by the hour you are doing yourself a disservice and your clients hate it.  If you don’t find an alternate billing methodology someone else will be working with your clients in the near future.

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Number Four:  The Foundation of Business Development

Want to know how to set up a law firm marketing plan?  Read this article.  It details the four groups you must engage.  Suspects, Prospects, Clients and Evangelists.

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Number Three:  The Two Killer Qualities

There are two qualities that will help you CRUSH your competition when it comes to building a productive, profitable law practice that helps you live the life you have always wanted.

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Number Two:  What You Should Learn from Tiger Woods

Tiger is being accused of sleeping with everyone who ever watched golf on TV and we take advantage of his situation to learn a thing or two about business.

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Number One:  How I Got So Fat

You loved it when I told you how my waistline grew with my income.  Will you watch as I take the weight off in the New Year?

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All things considered, 2009 was a great year – mostly because I shared it with you.  Thanks for joining me each Wednesday.  I hope you check with me each week as I rant, rave and share my thoughts on Rainmaking with you in the New Year.