Building Valuable Client Relationships Part 4: Video: Making the Transition

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How Lawyers Build Client TrustThis is the fourth part in our series on improving your income by developing deep client relationships.

How do you make the transition from expert to trusted advisor?

It is not as difficult as it seems.

The key is removing the emotion from the decision-making process and providing guidance to the client based upon commonsense and not based upon your thoughts on an area of the law with which you are unfamiliar.

This video will help bring this transition into focus.

Keep in mind, in this instance, the client is relying upon you for your judgment not for your legal expertise.  Under these circumstances you are an expert in decision-making and not an expert in the legal aspects of this matter.

Sometimes the best guidance a trusted advisor can give is to hire another attorney to advise the client.  This demonstrates the external orientation that is critical to building deep, long lasting relationships.

Putting the client first is not only your fiduciary obligation; it is also a great business practice.

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