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Each week I round up the five law firm strategy articles I believe you absolutely cannot miss from the previous week.

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A Lawyer’s Background is the Third Thing a Client Must Experience.  Empathy and Understanding are First and Second

This was the most popular article I shared during this past week.  People literally came up to me in public and started a discussion with me on this topic.

The discussions you have with your clients and prospective clients should always begin by addressing the issues important to the client.  Clients do not care about your background until they know you care about them and their problems.

Stop giving your clients your resume and start showing them you understand what they face and how it can/will impact them.

Five Qualities of Successful Lawyers. How Many Do You Possess?

Use this article as a measuring stick to determine how you compare to some of the most successful lawyers around.

Where do you stand on these five qualities?

If You Want Your Attorney Marketing to Work You Must Get Inside the Mind of the Client

Your attorney marketing must be focused on the client.  But just as important as the subject of your article is the language and tone of each of your marketing tactics.  You must position your marketing so that it enters the thought process going through the mind of your client.

You must also create attorney marketing that speaks to the client in the same way that the client discusses his issues around his kitchen table and his boardroom table.

Are You a Law Firm Owner or Just a Lawyer Working in a Job You Bought? Do You Know the Difference?

Most attorneys are slaving away in a job they purchased for themselves.  Unless you have systems in place to handle the day-to-day activities in your law firm, the marketing, and the workflow, you are simply working a job?

How will this end for you?  Do you have any plans to sell your law firm? Is there any value beyond what you do?

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