Bye Bye Google Cowboy

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There are too many lawyers out there focusing on the wrong goal for their marketing.

Too many people think that becoming number one for their keyword in a Google Search is the Holy Grail of Law Firm Marketing.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Marketing is about initiating and developing relationships.

Getting to the top of a Google search is about gaming the system.

It used to be that you could build a lot of links to your website and that would help you influence the search results.

Well, times have changed.

Relevant content that is appreciated by your target audience is the name of the game now.

That means Google has figured out your little tricks.  It means you must invest time and energy into relationship development, both on line and off line.

Confused?  Angry? Disappointed?

Deal with it.

Below is a link to a podcast I just released that will help you re-gain your footing in this post-link-building world.

Listen to it today and it will help you get your internet marketing back on track.

Maximum Profit From Internet Marketing