Content Creation Secrets of Successful Lawyers

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Successful Lawyers Creating ContentSuccessful lawyers make a commitment to educational marketing.  This means they help their client understand the issues he faces, help him comprehend the implications of those issues and provide him with criteria for choosing a lawyer.

This education process is not something that happens overnight.

Additionally, savvy lawyers also educate their referral sources.  They help them understand the difference between a good client and a crappy client.  They help them pre-qualify cases before send a client their way.  They help the referral source position them as an expert.

Educational marketing requires diligent focus, pigheaded persistence and message discipline.  It also requires a great deal of content.

This last part intimidates lawyers.

You have a full caseload.  You run a law firm and need to deal with all the responsibilities that come with that role.  You also have to attract new clients (and referral sources) and keep the pipeline of cases full.

When will you ever find the time to create the content necessary to educate your clients and referral sources?

Luckily there is a shortcut you can take.

If you focus, in one week you can create enough content to fill the following media:

  • One 45 minute presentation
  • One 550 word article for publication in a trade magazine
  • 7-10 blog posts
  • One video DVD to be sent out in a direct mail campaign
  • One 1 hour webinar
  • 60 – 80 posts on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • 12-15 YouTube videos
  • 15-20 Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) for your website
  • Content for an email newsletter for several weeks

All of this content is created almost simultaneously so you leverage your time and effort.

Wondering how all this gets done?

I do it all the time.  And I reveal my secrets in this episode of the Valtimax podcast.

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Content Creation Shortcuts

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