Create a Legal Marketing Internet System for Less Than $400

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How Lawyers Get Clients from the InternetNo matter how much I harp on the need for diversity in law firm marketing, attorneys still come to me looking for a way to attract clients via the internet.

And they want this to cost them nothing.

In reality, there is nothing in business that does not cost you one or more of the following: Time, Heartache or Money.

You invest financially, emotionally and/or physically in just about every aspect of your business.

But I have developed a system you can use to attract clients via the internet with some effort and a little financial investment.

In the audio program below I outline this system and I give you the costs of each component and the vendor you can use.

I do everything except serve coffee and dessert.

Listen now because I’m going to take this podcast down soon.

I use this system myself. It includes no SEO “tricks” and no “link building.”  It is relationship development applied to the internet world.

An Internet Marketing System for Under $400

Listen to it today, right now, because I’m going to pull it down in a few days.

My clients tell me I give away too many of my secrets in these articles so I’m going to start putting an expiration date on some of them.

This one will expire in 2 weeks.