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My Private Client program was developed specifically with busy attorneys in mind.  It is designed to help you manage the practice of law with the growth and operation of your business.

If you have ever wondered:

  • How to balance the legal work with managing your law firm and spending time with your family
  • When to say “NO” to a client or opportunity
  • If you should add a new staff member or partner to your team
  • Why some attorneys with lesser skills attract more clients

My Private Client program is a good fit for you.

This program gives you unlimited access to me by phone, video conference, e-mail, fax, and regular mail.  This is designed to help you achieve your goals at your direction.

This program addresses strategic issues such as:

  • How to set fees
  • How to create a competitive advantage for yourself and your firm
  • How to position yourself and your firm in the market
  • How to balance your client portfolio to ensure maximum cash flow
  • How to select a niche for your law firm

We will also work on tactical issues including:

  • What to say at the meeting with the potential client tomorrow
  • How to develop a presentation for the foreign investor
  • How to critique a proposal and improve its persuasiveness
  • How to redefine your relationship with a long term client
  • When to walk away from toxic business
  • And any other immediate needs that your business presents

In addition, we will discuss things that do not require mentoring but warrant confidential dialogue, such as:

  • Making strategic business decisions
  • Communicating objective opinions in disputes between business partners
  • Maintaining time integrity by balancing work and Life
  • Delegating work but not responsibility
  • Setting another member of the firm up for success
  • And many, many more topics that will come up as you continue to build your business

All too often, an attorney feels as if he/she is alone on an island. This program not only helps you solve tough business problems, it gives you valuable outside perspective, motivation, and support to help you plan the future of your firm while balancing work and life.

This is a self-directed program, and the frequency of our interaction is entirely up to you. Some people call me every day. Some folks call once a week. Others call a couple of times a month. I return all phone calls within 90 minutes, during business hours and all written correspondence within 24 hours.

As one of my private clients you will also receive an invitation to all my exclusive events and you will be given VIP access to the speakers and seminar instructors that are not available to the general attendees.

Your investment in this program is easily recouped through the attraction of one new client to your law firm.  In fact, for most of my private clients, attracting one new client pays for their work with me for several years.

The monthly investment to become my private client is $1,000 per month.

Payment of the first month’s membership is required when you fill out your application to join.

Simply click on the link below and complete the form on the next page.

There is no long-term commitment and you may discontinue our work together at any time.

Please follow the link below to join me.

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Strategic Coaching: Maximum Results in a Short Time


Sometimes you need to increase your level of intensity to achieve a specific goal or outcome or focus on a difficult project.  Achieving this goal requires strategy, structure and focus.  You need someone to keep you on track and hold you accountable.

If you are this type of success-oriented attorney, I have developed a Strategic Coaching option designed for high-output in a short time frame.

This relationship with me offers all the benefits of my Private Client Relationship but it adds an element of focus and accountability.

How it Works

At the outset of our Strategic Coaching Partnership you and I will set specific goals for our work together.  We then create action items with time-certain milestones for each goal.

I hold you accountable for hitting each milestone and ultimately for the achievement of your goal.

This is a blast of focus and energy that has been described as a 90-day sprint toward the finish line.

You identify the goal.  Together we set the schedule for completion and I hold you accountable for your focus and actions.

The investment in this relationship is $5,700 for the entire 90-day program.

Please click below to complete the enrollment application, make your investment and secure a place on the waiting list.

After you complete the enrollment form you and I will have a one-on-one interview.  If at that time we determine that this is not a good fit, your enrollment investment will be returned.

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Executive Leadership Coaching


As a law firm leader, you need to take some time away from your firm to think strategically about your business. 

This allows you the perspective you need to clearly evaluate your progress and make adjustments that will lead to successful outcomes in the next two months. 

This is the reason I have developed the Executive Leadership coaching program.

How It Works

You receive all the benefits of a Private Client Relationship with the added benefit of a one day, private strategic retreat every 6-8 weeks. 

We can conduct this retreat in your city (I will come to you) or in a venue of your choosing. 

During this business strategy session we will evaluate your performance across the seven aspects of law firm leadership and we will chart a course for your success during the next two months. 

This provides you with the ultimate form of focus and accountability.

Between meetings we meet via private video conference and I help you manage your focus and your output.

This direct access to your personal business strategist is a HUGE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for you.

It will help you build a high functioning, fully integrated law firm in a way that allows you to sleep well at night.  You will outshine your peers and live the lifestyle you deserve.

The investment for this exclusive, private, one-on-one relationship with me is $5,000 per month.

After you complete the enrollment form, you and I will schedule a one-on-one interview.  If we are a good fit, we will work together.  If not, your enrollment investment will be returned to you.

Follow the link below to apply and submit the first month’s investment.

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