Do You Make These Mistakes?

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Lawyer Makes MistakesThere are five big mistakes lawyers make that cost them money, clients and sometimes even their license to practice law.

These seemingly minor issues can be devastating to your finances and your future.

How many of these do you make?

Mistake 1: Failing to Respond

How many telephone calls have you missed in the past week?  How many people are waiting for you to call them back, right now?

How many emails are in your inbox that you need to respond to but have not had the chance?

Why don’t you have a system in place to handle these calls and emails?

Not returning telephone calls and email from clients is a sign of disorganization and a lack of respect for people who are paying you.  At minimum, have someone schedule return calls with the client and filter your email.

Here is an article that can help you set a standard to stay on track with your client interaction:Eliminate the Fastest Way to Lose a Client.

Mistake 2: Not Paying Attention to Cash Flow

Most small law firms fail because they run out of cash. This is easy to resolve. Get paid in advance.

There is no excuse for failing to do this.


I’ve heard it all before.  Your practice is no different. I work with people in every practice area who get paid in advance. You simply need the courage to set the terms of your relationship with your client.

Watch this video for some ideas:  Get Paid First

Mistake 3: Outsourcing Marketing Strategy

You get a little money in your pocket and you hire a big company to manage your law firm website.

Then you engage a media company to help you record some television commercials and buy time on local TV stations.

You also have a public relations firm writing your articles and handling your social media interactions.

You’ve become so far removed from the clients you are looking to attract, you don’t even know what’s important to them.  You’ve essentially outsourced your empathy.  That’s a horrible strategy.

Here is a resource to use to plan your marketing strategy. Listen to this audio program (it is brief) and set the strategy yourself. It’s your future. Take control of it.

Five Ways to Get Clients in the Door Now

Mistake 4: Failing to Take Action on a Big Idea

Is your office the place where big ideas go to die?  This is true of most attorneys. You spend so much time being a lawyer you forget about implementing the strategies that will help you attract more clients and keep business coming in the door.

If you’re like most people, you have a dozen great ideas each month that go unfulfilled. Then you look around and see your competitors implementing the very thing you were thinking about.

How many times does this need to happen before you make some changes?

Read this article and get moving. Take Action or Face Extinction

Mistake 5: Thinking like a Lawyer and Not Like a CEO

If you come to work, grind away at your client cases, and go home after eating three meals at your desk, you have a job, not a business.

It’s time for you to become CEO.  Here is a program that outlines the Ten Disciplines of Law Firm Leadership.  Listen to it now, elevate your law firm and watch your income grow.

These are the five areas where you need to take action and keep your law firm (and your career) on track.

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Dave Lorenzo Private Client Experience

Mistakes happen but these five blunders will crush you.  They are completely avoidable.  Take the time to prevent them.