Don’t Practice - Play To Win

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If you want to make a real living as an attorney you need to stop practicing. 

You read that correctly.

Practice does not make perfect.  Practice makes you poor.

Wake up. 

You don’t have a “firm”. 
You don’t have a “practice”. 
You have a business. 

You have a full-blown, pay the bills, make you rich, give-you-the-lifestyle-you-deserve business. 

The sooner you embrace that reality, the sooner you stop killing yourself and start making some real money.

I know.  I know. 

You went to law school to “practice” law.  You love the law.  You want to dedicate yourself to your clients.  Get deep into their cases.  Solve their problems.  Help them out of their latest jam.  That’s what you think this business is all about. 

It’s not.

This is a business and businesses exist to create value for shareholders.  In other words, this thing you are involved in is about making money.  If it wasn’t you would be a Public Defender or a Prosecutor.

Sure you will help clients.  Lots of them.  Sure you will deliver value.  In fact, you will deliver value that far surpasses the value your competitors deliver.  But you should charge a premium for your services.  You’ll do this because you’re a pro.

Isn’t it time to start thinking like a business owner?  Isn’t it time to start focusing on making money?

That’s what we do here at  We help you build a business.  We help you focus on the money. 

We have helped hundreds of professionals just like you.  And now you know the first step…

Don’t practice.  Play to win.