Easy Content Creation for Lawyer Marketing

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Lawyer Marketing Content CreationOne of the aspects of lawyer marketing many people find frustrating is the need to constantly publish great content.  Content is the cornerstone for every form of educational marketing.  As a lawyer looking to attract new clients, you are only as good as your last article, speech or email newsletter.  You need to come up with new and engaging information every day.

Here is the content creation schedule of one of my successful clients:

  • Five blog articles per week
  • Three articles for trade magazines per month
  • Content for a minimum of one speaking engagement each month
  • Course content for his class at a local university
  • A monthly direct mail piece to his top fifty potential referral sources
  • A weekly email newsletter
  • A monthly printed newsletter

That is a significant amount of information to create each month.  How does he do it?

Very carefully.

Here is some guidance on developing information as the cornerstone of your lawyer marketing plan.

First: Develop a Message Calendar

Create a calendar with 90 different message topics.  Assign a topic to a specific day.  If you cannot think of 90 interesting things to write about your law firm, your industry or your life, simply record your activity for a week and talk about it with someone who doesn’t know you well.  You will be amazed at how interesting mundane things can be to people who are not “walking in your shoes.”

Each day, write an article about the topic that is in your message calendar. If you get into the habit of writing frequently, you will become more efficient.

This gives you three months of solid ideas.  It is an outline or a skeleton for your overall educational marketing campaign.  Now you can put some meat on the bones.

Next: Decide what goes into the “exclusive” articles

If you write for trade magazines or local publications, they will most likely want your content to appear only in their publication.  Make sure you spend time developing these articles early in the month so you do not miss any deadlines.

Take the framework from one of your daily articles and expand upon it.  Develop it fully.  Do some additional research to enhance it.

Ask if you can publish a link to the article on the trade magazine’s website from your blog.  This will allow you to direct readers to your information even if it is exclusively published.

Then: Create one or two talks (speeches) that can be customized as needed

You should have a standard speech that you give to a variety of audiences.  You can add to it or remove information from it as needed.  This allows for some customization but it also helps you internalize the material and deliver it flawlessly every time.  The repetition of giving the same speech with moderate customization will help your confidence.

If you do this and you have a hectic month, you simply modify your existing talk and rehearse it with the new material.  This saves a great deal of time in creating new content for each audience.

Finally: Repurpose the non-exclusive information to limited audiences

You newsletters (print and email) can contain information included on your website.  Typically each audience (email newsletter audience, print newsletter audience and website audience) is different.  There is little danger in worrying about content overlap.

Even with these shortcuts, content creation is a great deal of work.  If you focus on delivering educational excellence to your audience, you will be amazed at how well your lawyer marketing works in positioning you as an expert.

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