Essential To 25 Not Known By 25,000

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Successful Lawyer is a Rock StarI am physically repulsed by people who brag without having really accomplished anything. 

Seriously, when I hear someone tout themselves as a “guru” or “rock star” when they’ve been on the scene for fifteen minutes, it makes me want to vomit.

What The Best Lawyers Have that the Fakes Don’t

A better way to promote your services is to have your clients give testimonials on your behalf.

But the “guru” or the “rock star” won’t do that.  Why?  Because for someone to give you a powerful testimonial they must view you as essential.

Think about that statement.  Essential.

As in: “don’t make a move without consulting you.”

How many clients feel that way about you?

The best lawyers I know, regardless of practice area, possess this quality.

Clients call them before they make any life-altering decision.

How do you obtain this status in the mind of your client?

There are several key qualities you must possess, one of which is direct communication.  This means telling people when things are not going well.  It requires you to have guts and to be honest.

That’s not for everybody.

In fact, it’s not for most people.

The big ego, low self-esteem, guru will never do this because it will offend many and attract a few.

But the few it attracts are people who have enough ego strength of their own to handle direct feedback and adjust accordingly.

An Example

I’m lucky.  I get to speak at some awesome events.  Recently, I shared the stage with the General Counsel of one of the largest retail organizations in the world.  People came to the event to hear this gentleman of extraordinary accomplishment and stature.

His speech was vanilla.  In other words, he could have been welcoming the members of the Kiwanis Club to Cleveland instead of standing in front of a Las Vegas ballroom full of high-powered corporate litigators.

He finished to polite applause and a few people visited with him afterward.

I spoke after him.

I was, what is known as the “walk out” speaker.  This is because most people leave after the keynote address and they throw someone like me up there to entertain the folks who want to wait out the traffic.

I started my speech as people were, quite literally, walking out.

I began by telling the audience that everything they learned about the practice of law – the business of law – in law school and at their big law firm was complete and total bull shit.

I continued to tell them, now screaming at the top of my lungs, in spite of wearing a microphone, that each of them was responsible for the deterioration of the profession because of the unethical and immoral practices they learned and continued to propagate.

I mused, again as loud as possible, how long it would be before some of them were led away in handcuffs and others stripped of their licenses to practice law.

By the time I got to the third part, the doors at the back of the room had closed and everyone had stopped in their tracks.

Some people were beginning to get angry.

Others were confused.

But everyone was listening.

I proceeded to give the speech of my life about becoming a Trusted Advisor and I was mobbed at the end of my presentation.  Some people told me I was crazy but the majority wanted to learn more about me and what I could do to help them.

The way I communicated on that stage is the way I communicate with my clients.

I don’t have 25,000 people politely applauding me when I talk to them.  I have 25 clients who hang on my every word.  And they pay a premium to do so.

Do your clients feel this way about you?

I recently wrote a series of articles about this topic.  They will help you achieve this type of status. You can find the first article and links to the others by clicking on the link below.

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