Finding What’s Missing From Your Marketing

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When it comes to attorney marketing I find there is of the one thing missing, even from the law firm marketing plan of the most dedicated attorney.  That one thing is tying as many of your daily actions to a goal as possible.

This is one of the keys to success I share with my clients.  Here is how it works:

Take a look at your list of daily action items.  (If you do not have a list of daily action items, make one).  Each of those daily action items should bring you one step closer to one of your goals.

For example, one of your action items could be: Write an article for my law firm newsletter.  That action item gets you one step closer to obtaining a new client, which helps you fulfill your goal of making a certain amount of money.

Another example could be to follow up with an event planner on a specific speaking opportunity.  This will also get you closer to your revenue goal because you could secure some new clients as a result of speaking at this event.

Ultimately you want to fill your list of daily action items with tasks that help you get closer to your goals and you want to eliminate or delegate all the things on your list that do not help you achieve this objective.

Implementing this slight change in the way you organize your daily work will have a dramatic effect on your success in attorney marketing.