First Impressions Are Part of Law Firm Marketing

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It is amazing how accurate a first impression can be.

Years ago you would walk into a lawyer’s office, look around at the pictures on the wall, thumb through the reading material in the waiting room, and step into the conference room to meet with the lawyer. Usually you were greeted by an administrative assistant wearing a professional business suit. You met with an attorney also neatly attired in a professional ensemble. They looked like they meant business and this was an important part of the selection process.

Everything is Different Today.

In this day and age you may never meet your lawyer in person.  He may be able to handle your matter entirely by telephone and email.  Today first impressions are much different than they were a decade ago.  Today you can go on line and read just about everything about a professional before you ever meet with them.  You can read things they have written.  You can judge their professional demeanor from the style and substance on their website.

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

When a prospective client comes to your website what does he see?  Does he see professional educational articles written by someone with depth of knowledge and experience?  Does he see guides and “how to” tips?  Is he educated on how to make a good decision in hiring a lawyer in your field of practice?

One of my college professors had a saying that she used to repeat and it stuck with me.  She would say:  “The way you write is the way you think.”  I believe this is true.  Your writing is the first impression many of your clients have of you when they visit your website.

Pay careful attention to the impression you make in the things you put on line.  You never know when someone is going to be reading your work and making a million-dollar decision based upon that first impression.