Five Articles to Help You Make More Money as a Lawyer

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Money Falling From the SkyEach week I put together a summary of the five most popular articles I shared with my readers (I send out links to over 50 law firm marketing and business strategy articles each week on social media.)

These articles are the ones that resonated with my audience (as measured by total social media interactions).

Read them and take some form of action.

Here are the five articles that received the most engagement from our readers this week:

Six Questions That Predict Your Future

This is both an article and an audio program and it provoked quite a reaction.  Lawyers are generally not strategic thinkers but these six questions really bring out the need for focused thought about the future of your law firm.

Read the article and listen to the included audio and if you have trouble answering any of the questions, reach out to me right away.  This article, more than any other in long time, generated the most direct contact (telephone calls and email) to my office.

Don’t be baffled by law firm business strategy.  Do your homework and answer the six questions that predict your future.

Branding is Bull Sh*t

I stirred up a little controversy this past week when I sent around an article about developing your marketing based upon client action and not based upon branding.

It’s not that branding is all bad.  But for entrepreneurs, it makes more sense to focus on getting the audience to take direct action.

As food for thought, I offer you Five Things to do Before You Build a Brand 

New Video: Get Paid First

Too often I see lawyers sign up clients, do lots of work, and wait for their money. This is a horrible business practice.  If you need a refresher on why you’re in business and how to improve your cash flow, watch this video.

Did You Miss Out?

Our offer for a f-r-e-e law firm marketing CD was so well received we ran out in minutes.  This article continues to be one of the most popular and it gives you great insight into how successful lawyers think and act.

If you missed out on your copy a few weeks ago, there is still hope.  Follow the link to the Million Dollar Lawyer Secrets page of my website and we can get you some of the fresh copies of the CD we just received. (If this CD was a book, it would be in it’s 50th printing!).

Get the CD today.  I even cover the cost of the shipping.

Three Kinds of Law Firms: Which are You Building?

This article stimulated some thought and heated conversation on social media.  The reason: Most lawyers don’t think about the kind of law firm they want - let alone how to get it.  Read this article and then decide what kind of law firm you want to build.

These five articles contain excellent insight but the key is for you to take action based upon the new information you discover.

Take a few minutes right now and pick one of the strategies listed above and take action.