Five Reasons Not To Hire a Legal Marketing Consultant

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This is an article I probably should never have posted on my website but it contains information so important – to me and to you – that I just couldn’t help myself.  There are lawyers out there, some of whom are reading this right now, who should never, ever, hire a legal marketing consultant.  In fact, these people should probably never hire any kind of coach or advisor, but they should ESPECIALLY avoid hiring a legal marketing consultant.

If you are wondering why I would try to talk anyone out of hiring an expert in legal marketing, the reasons are below:

Do not hire a legal marketing consultant if you don’t believe the law is a business and a profession.

There are many attorneys out there who subscribe to the theory that says if they: “Just be a good lawyer, business will find them.”  Nothing could be farther from the truth and these people could not be more delusional.  Occasionally I will get a call from someone in this camp.  I am not certain why they call.  Maybe it is because they want to debate me. Maybe they think they can get me to take up a different career.  Maybe it is because they secretly need help and they don’t know how to ask.

Your law firm is a business.  If you want to make money in your legal business business you need to have a legal marketing plan.  A legal marketing consultant can help you put that plan together and he can help you execute that plan.

You should not hire a legal marketing consultant if legal marketing is not a priority.

Legal marketing takes time.  If you are not willing to dedicate time to it, you should not do it.  You will need to spend between 20 and 30 hours per month on legal marketing activities.  That’s 5 to 8 hours a week.  Some people spend more time than that just driving around.  But if you feel that you can’t spare it, don’t hire a legal marketing consultant.

Don’t hire a legal marketing consultant if you are not open to trying new ideas.

What you have done in the past doesn’t matter.  When it comes to legal marketing, you probably have not done it correctly.  You may have tried ideas similar to the ones I’m going to share with you.  In fact, you may have tried those exact ideas.  But you probably did them incorrectly otherwise you would not have a need for more business. If you are going to spend the money on a legal marketing consultant, the least you can do is take his advice and give it a try.

You should not hire a legal marketing consultant if you are not willing to spend good money to get good advice.

This is a big one.  Everybody thinks they are an expert on legal marketing.  There are dozens (if not hundreds) of lawyers out there who couldn’t cut it as a lawyer who are now calling themselves legal marketing consultants.  There are also lawyers out there who are legal marketing consultants in their spare time.  Here is the question that begs to be asked of these folks:  If you are a lawyer and you are so good at legal marketing, how come your practice is not full and you are not working full time as a lawyer?

Someone who has been attracting clients for their entire career, someone who teaches others how to do the same, someone who has actually built a law practice for others, will not be inexpensive.  If you are looking for a cheap marketing fix, go buy a book at the bookstore.  If you want advice that works, advice that is customized to your law practice, advice that you can use today to get clients today, you need to spend some serious money.

Don’t hire a legal marketing consultant if you are not willing to be patient.

Change does not occur over night.  Just like there is no pill you can take that will make you thinner, smarter and sexier overnight, there is no quick marketing fix.  If you can’t allow six months to a year for your marketing strategy to pay off, you shouldn’t hire a legal marketing consultant.  Look, if you were hiring a personal trainer to get you body into shape you wouldn’t hire him and expect results in two weeks.  The same is true with a marketing makeover.

A good legal marketing consultant can help your law firm grow.  It is not uncommon for a law firm to double or triple its billing while working with a legal marketing consultant.  They key to success lies between your ears.  If you are willing to do the work and you make it a priority, you law firm will benefit.