Five Reasons to Include a Blog in Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

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Why Lawyers Need a BlogPeople always want my opinion on their website.  They are looking for me to comment on the colors, the graphics, the layout and many of the other aesthetic features.  In reality these aspects of a web site are less important than the content.

One of the best ways to be certain your website always has fresh, relevant content is to include a blog on your website (and as part of your overall legal marketing plan).

Here are the five most compelling reasons to include a blog on your legal marketing website plan.

  1. A blog is an ongoing conversation with your clients and prospective clients.  Relationships begin with conversations.  A blog that is updated regularly is a terrific way to begin a conversation with new prospective clients.  People will subscribe to your blog updates via RSS and they will be alerted when you post some new information.
  2. Blogs are excellent educational tools.  Your clients want to know if you can help them and how you can help them.  Using your blog as a tool to educate them will not only help position you as an expert, it will help your prospective clients get up to speed on the issue they are facing.
  3. Blogs encourage frequent interaction.  If you keep the content on your blog fresh (updated several times per week) people will visit your website more frequently.
  4. A blog is your own media outlet.  You can broadcast any message you’d like on your bog.  This can be helpful as your readership grows.
  5. Search engines love blogs.  Fresh content is the name of the game when it comes to search engine optimization.  If you want to boost traffic to your website you should start blogging with content relevant to your practice area.

There are many more reasons to make blogging an important part of your law firm marketing plan.  This article is just a teaser to get you started.