Five Reasons Why Nobody Visits Your Law Firm Blog

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Many of the calls that come in to my office are about Law Firm Blogs and attracting visitors to attorney websites.
Blogs or blawgs as some have taken to call blogs written by attorneys are terrific resources for clients and prospective clients.  They also serve a valuable marketing purpose for your law firm but they are much like a tree falling in the woods—if nobody is there do they matter.  And this is why I get the phone calls.

Attorneys complain that they have poured their heart and soul into their blog and nobody has visited.
They want to know where all the prospective clients are.
They want to know why people aren’t reading their information.
They want to know what is wrong with a world that cannot recognize their Pulitzer Prize-worthy ability and intellect.

The problem is not with the clients.  The problem is with the attorney and how they are managing or NOT managing their blog.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, here are five reasons why nobody is visiting your blog:

Reason 1: You don’t add new content to your law firm blog frequently enough

A blog is a conversation you have with your readers.
Even if your blog is primarily educational and you are the person doing most of the “talking”, frequency of interaction is important.
If you want to develop a relationship with your reader you must add new content to your law firm blog a few times each week.

How much is enough?
That’s up to you.  In most cases, three new articles per week will keep your readers interested.
Once a month is too infrequent.
Reason 2: Time is not on your side

It takes a while for your content to appear in the search engines.
Google, Yahoo and MSN will begin adding your content about three to six months after you begin frequently updating your site.  This time period is not a hard and fast rule.  In some cases, especially if you are writing about current events, this may happen faster.
If you are waiting for a client to find you via a web search and your blog is your only means of search engine optimization, you will be disappointed.
Reason 3: Lack of promotion is killing your blog

You need to constantly promote your blog as if you were promoting a book or a product that was just released to the public.  One way to do this is by finding other blogs that discuss similar topics and commenting on them.
You should also add your blog’s web address to your email signature and your business cards.  If you can afford it, send out a post card campaign announcing your blog to all of your friends, colleagues and prospective clients —remember you are not soliciting clients with these post cards, you are soliciting readers.

Reason 4: You are not adding value to your reader’s lives or businesses

The content on your blog must be worthy of being repeated.  This means that it must add value to the lives of the reader.  If your content is good, people will share it with their friends.  If the content helps people solve a problem or make more money, people will talk about it.

That is what you are looking to accomplish.

Do not talk about yourself. Solve problems for your readers.  Give them something valuable and they will tell their friends.

Reason 5: Your blog is hard to Remember

If the domain name for your blog is easy to remember you have a better chance of attracting and retaining readers.
Since the Internet has been around for a while many of the memorable domain names are taken.  A good rule of thumb is that it is better to have a long and descriptive domain name than a short name that people have to figure out.

For example:  If you want but it is taken it is better to go with or than
Make your name memorable.
What do all of these suggestions have in common?
They are all dependent on you.  You need to focus on your blog if you want it to deliver new clients.

It will take time.  You must be patient. You must be dedicated to consistently working on it.  But it will pay off.