Five Types of Lists that Work Well for Attracting Attention

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A Sexy List is a Great Lawyer Marketing ToolSomewhere along the way here at the Rainmaker Lawyer Website I used the term attention getting device.  Apparently there are lots of people searching for this term so I figured, hey, why not write an article about using a list as an attention getting device on a blog.

The easiest way to professionally attract attention is to use a short list to make your point. People love lists.  They are easy to read and understand and the format is a welcome site to a person who believes a particular process will be complex or difficult to comprehend.

Here are the five types of lists that will attract attention:

How to List

This is usually a step-by-step guide to doing something.  Everyone loves this kind of list because it can be used during the implementation process.  It’s very tactical.

Big Mistake List

Nobody wants to make a mistake.  Add to that the voyeuristic quality of watching other people make mistakes and you can see the power of the Big Mistake List.

To develop this kind of list you simply look back at the history of events that happened in your field of expertise.  Identify the worst possible blunders.  List them out and tell people how to avoid them in the future.

Secrets List

Curiosity is a huge motivator.  When you tell someone you have a secret you immediately grab their attention.  If you have insider knowledge of how something works or of how people behave, you can put that information into list format and it will attract huge attention.

List of Names

People also love gossip.  If you have a list of names of people who may or may not have done something, you should leverage that list as much as possible.

Conversely, if there is a list of people who did good things and you can publish that, you will also get some attention.

Reasons Why List

People are always looking for justification.  Give it to them.  Break it down into step-by-step reasons.  These lists are particularly helpful in a selling situation.

These are not the only types of lists in existence but they are the ones I personally recommend to attract attention.

So the next time you need an attention getting device, find a way to take your content and package it into a list.  People will be attracted to it like a magnet attracts metal.

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