Five Ways to Get Influential People to Notice Your Blog

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Driving the Right Traffic To Your Law Firm BlogOnce you start to attract quality traffic to your blog you will begin to notice that people talk about you.  They will also begin to cite some of the things you write and you’ll begin to attract a following.

Of course this will lead to repeat visitors and it will also lead to prospective clients engaging you offline and eventually becoming clients.  And that is indeed what this effort is all about.

But this does not happen quickly.  In fact, this process can take months and months (maybe even years).

There are some steps you can take to speed up the process of driving quality visitors to your blog.  One of these steps is to target influential people in your market niche and get them to promote you.  These people can be authors, newspaper writers, trade magazine editors or other bloggers.  They are essentially anyone with an audience you’d like to attract.  The idea is to get these people to read your writing, mention you (a few times if possible), and drive traffic to your blog.

Here are five ways successful lawyers attract more traffic by targeting influential people in the media.

Ask Them

This is so simple but few people do it.  You can reach out to the person you want to review your blog and simply ask them to take a look at it and send you their feedback. Many people will do this just because they like to help others.

Sometimes you will be able to use the six-degrees of separation method to get your information in front of these folks.  Look on LinkedIn and see who in your network is connected to this person and try and get an introduction.

Mention Them

Writing an article about the person you’d like to attract is a great idea.  If you mention them, it’s likely someone will see the article and send it to them or the target person may even find it on their own. Many people have a Google alert or search engine monitoring service set up to detect when they are mentioned online.

Make sure the article is intelligent and focused.  Make sure you use the person’s full name a couple of times in the article.  Make sure you have your contact information conspicuously posted on your website.

Write About Something They Are Passionate About

Successful people all have causes or charitable organizations they support and believe in.  This is a great way to attract the attention of a famous writer, blogger or reporter.  Find out what cause is important to the person with whom you’d like to connect and then write about that cause.

Once again, it is helpful to mention the name of the person in the article as well as the name of the organization.

Interview Them

When a successful person has a new project, product or service coming out, they are usually happy to promote this endeavor any chance they get.  Offer to interview them.  This is not only flattering to the person; it is also a great way to begin a relationship.

Often, the person will post a link to your interview on their website and you will develop a significant amount of traffic from it.

Take a Controversial Stand Against Something They Have Promoted

This is a risky strategy but it can pay off huge.

If someone in your area of focus has taken a position you disagree with, you should write about it as much as possible.  The more popular this person is, the more you should write about the topic. This will not only help you get noticed by the person you have targeted, it will get the people around this person talking.  That, in turn, may provoke him/her to begin writing about you and driving traffic to your blog.

Again, this is a high risk, high reward strategy.

Keep in mind that all of these strategies are effective when used persistently.  Just employing any of them one time will not help your blog very much.

In addition, you should not use any of these strategies in a vacuum.  After you use the strategy and the object of your writing engages you, you need to try and develop a relationship with that person.  After all, that’s what law firm marketing is all about.

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