Four Letter Word Everyone Hates

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Business of LawThere is one four letter word lawyers hate when it comes to law firm marketing.

This word is not a common obscenity.  It’s not a word that attorneys hate when it comes to legal activity.  It’s not a word attorneys hate when we talk about juris prudence.

It’s a word attorneys only hate when we begin to talk about marketing.

The word the attorneys hate when we discuss marketing is the word “work.”

Why Attorneys Hate to Work on Marketing

You didn’t go to law school to learn how to attract clients.

You didn’t go to law school to learn how to deepen relationships.

You didn’t go to law school to learn how to run a business.

In fact, when you were in law school you may never have thought you would be running a business.

But if you are in a solo practice, or if you are a partner in a law firm, you are a business owner.

It’s Not Taught in Law School Does that Mean It’s Not Important?

They don’t teach the business aspects of a law practice in law school so most attorneys assume they are not important.

This is especially true of law firm marketing.

Yet when the rubber meets the road, attorneys need to know how to attract clients.  They need to know how to develop and deepen relationships.

This is an interesting conundrum.  They need this information but it is not found in law school.

Then the attorney stumbles upon this website.  Here he finds all the information he needs on the subjects of: client attraction, business strategy, relationship development and practice management.

But discovery of this information is just the first part of the solution.

It Still Requires Work

Most attorneys who come to me are looking for the easy solution to attracting clients.  The word easy is meant to imply as little effort on their behalf as possible.

They essentially want to hire me and wait for the clients to come into the office and sign up.

That doesn’t often happen without the four letter word.

The three areas that require law firm marketing work – with your involvement–include:

Crafting Educational Material:  You know your area of practice.  You know which parts of your area of practice resonate with your clients.  You know the value your work provides to your clients.  In order for you to demonstrate your value to your audience of potential clients, you must educate them.

Motivating People to Take Action:  You’ve seen it all.  You know the potential pitfalls your clients face. You know how to avoid those pitfalls.  You know the likelihood of avoiding the pitfalls.  Who is better to discuss the steps necessary to improve the client’s situation?

Differentiating You From Everyone Else:  You must articulate your difference. This gives the client a reason to choose you over everyone else.  Who is better qualified to articulate this difference?  You know yourself.  You know your competition.  You know why people should hire you.

This is the minimal involvement you must have in your marketing.  In most cases, in the most effective cases, you need to be more involved.

Setting Priorities:

If you are a law firm owner, you must make marketing a priority.  You have no choice. Without marketing there is no law firm.  It just doesn’t exist.

Start thinking about your law firm as a business.  Start thinking like a business owner.  Need to hear this more directly?

Watch this video.

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