Four Minute Fixation 11: A Letter A Day Helps Lawyers Get Clients

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Direct Mail Success for LawyersIf you’re interested in investing four minutes in a great legal marketing idea, this is the article and video for you.

Traditional mail (sometimes called snail mail) is highly effective in attracting clients.

Yes. You read that correctly.

The postal service can actually help you get new clients for your law firm.

Follow this two step process and you will develop relationships with direct mail.

Step one: Research the Targets

Identify one target for each day of the upcoming month. That target can be a prospective client, a potential referral source or a former client.

Note: When considering prospective clients, be certain to follow all the rules of your regulatory agency or bar association.

Step Two: Mail a Letter to Each Target Offering a Free Report

Create a report that will interest your target audience. An informational white paper on a topic that will help your target audience improve their business or the quality of their lives.

You can discuss changes in the law and the impact they will have or you can provide a guide to hiring a lawyer in your practice area.

Every day you mail a letter to one target offering your free report. When the recipient responds you send him the report and you follow-up afterward. (You can mail more than one letter if you want to take more than four minutes. That will probably increase the number of relationships you develop.)

This is a great way to begin a relationship.

Here is the video that describes the process.

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Are You Right for this Role?

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My Gift to You

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Go through these articles and pick and choose the things you want to implement.  Remember the ideas are great but they are nothing without your action.