Four Minute Fixation 1: Follow-Up After Networking

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Four Minutes Can Change EverythingI am excited to share with you a new weekly series called “The Four Minute Fixation.” This is a weekly video designed to give you one specific point to focus on each day for a week.

Our first installment of The Four Minute Fixation is about following up after networking.  Specifically, we discuss how you can make yourself valuable to a person you just met.

The best way to make new friends in business is to put money in the pocket of the other guy.  This means you need to understand the value he delivers to his clients and you need to introduce him to someone who can benefit from receiving that value.

Here’s how this works:

You meet someone at a networking event.  You believe this person has the ability to be a valuable business source for your firm in the future.  You want to develop a relationship with this new business friend. The best way to do that is to introduce him to someone who will work with him (put some money in his pocket). At that point you need to develop three pieces of information:

1.) Who does your new business friend need to meet to improve the quality of their business or life?

2)  Why will people, to whom you introduce this guy, benefit from meeting him? (What value do they bring?)

3). Why is it critical for you to introduce these people now? Why do people need what this guy is selling, now?

Notice how all three of these points are focused on helping your new business friend. None of these things is about you.

By focusing on helping the other guy, you create a dynamic that will help your relationship grow in a healthy and beneficial way.

This video goes into more detail.