Four Minute Fixation 4: Always Charge for an Initial Consultation

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Get Paid for an Initial ConsultationEach week I deliver a brief video introduction to a topic successful lawyers use to make a great living and live a great life ®. This we we tackle the difficult subject of initial consultations.

Many lawyers offer free consultations. This is a bad idea. You should always receive some form of financial compensation for your initial consultation.

Here are five reasons why a paid initial consultation must be part of your law firm marketing plan:

1). The Initial Consultation Sets the Value in the Mind of the Client

Are you concerned about your client’s appreciation for the amount of value you provide?  Charge him a fee to “pick your brain” or “bounce some ideas off you.”  Once he understands he is paying for your talent, skills, knowledge and experience, your value becomes obvious.

2). Separate Serious Clients from Shoppers

Every attorney has come across clients who go from law firm to law firm looking for free advice and the lowest fee.  You initial consultation fee will make meetings with this type of client a thing of the past.

3). Receive Compensation for Giving Advice

It is human nature to want to tell people what you know.  We can’t help giving advice when people ask for it.  You should get paid when you give someone the benefit of your lifetime of knowledge and wisdom.

4). Receive Compensation for Exposure

Every time you meet with someone you are exposing yourself to potential liability and potential conflicts.  You should be compensated for that exposure.

5). Commit Your Clients to Making a Choice

When people invest their money at some level (psychologically) they commit themselves.  When a clients pays a fee for an initial consultation he has committed himself to you.  This makes him more likely to hire you in the future.

Below is the video where I discuss this in more detail.

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