Four Minute Fixation 8: Frequency of Communication Builds Trust

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Lawyers Who Communicate Frequently Build TrustHow often do you communicate with people you care about?

Your spouse. Your children. Your friends.

Do you communicate with them monthly?

Do you communicate with them weekly?

Do you communicate with them daily?

If you reduced that frequency of communication, do you think they would trust you more or less?

The answer is simple.  If you have something important and valuable to say, increasing the communication frequency will build trust.

When I hear people say: “I can’t send my clients or referral sources a weekly email. They will get angry and unsubscribe.” I bristle.

People only get angry (or unsubscribe) from information they believe has little or no value for them.

This week, in our Four Minute Fixation video, we discuss how often you should communicate with clients and referral sources.

Watch the video and spend four minutes each day this week implementing the strategy it contains.

Keep in mind, I share this with you because it works.