Four Minute Fixation 9: How to Take Fast Action

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Successful Lawyers Take Fast ActionIn case you have not heard me say it enough, action is the key to success in any business.

When you combine action with speed you have the making of a serious competitive advantage.

Each week in our video series I highlight a specific area of focus for you.

My hope is: You take action for just four minutes each day during the next seven days on this one thing.

This week, we focus on fast action.

Here is the video that highlights how I take action quickly:

Please take four minutes during the course of the next week and take fast action on something each day.  Even if you focus on something small the momentum you create will help you move your law firm toward your goals.

Here’s some fast action you can take that will make you more money.  Read the five most important articles from the past week:

Insider Tips on How You Can Make a Great Living and LIve a Great Life ®

This is the totally free CD I offered you several times before.  I’m not sure why you haven’t taken me up on my offer.

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Frequency of Communication Builds Trust

This is the eighth installment of our Four Minute Fixation Series.

This series offers you information you can implement in just four minutes each day in order to have a dramatic impact of your law firm and your life.

In this video we tackled the question: “How frequently should I communicate with my clients?’

This video is required viewing for anyone who wants to improve their level of influence with clients, employees or members of the community.

Why Clients Ignore You

Are you baffled when clients ignore your valuable advice?

Honestly, it drives me nuts too.

You spend your lifetime acquiring wisdom through experience and hard knocks and you want to save your clients the pain of doing the same.

Yet they do not respond.

Read my rant/guidance on how you can remedy this situation.

How to Create a Legal Marketing System for Under $400

This is an audio program that even surprised me.

Can you believe it is possible to develop and implement a legal marketing system for under $400 per month?

I didn’t believe it either.

I reviewed all the elements of my internet marketing system and it turns out, that’s the cost if you do the heavy lifting yourself.

If that’s not appealing, don’t worry.

We provide you with all the vendor information you need to get this system going without lifting a finger (if that’s your preference).

The Law Firm Leadership Guide You Probably Missed

This is a great program designed to help lawyers build a law firm the way a CEO builds a business.

In this audio program and written article we cover the 10 disciplines of law firm leadership.

You really need to download this program and implement the guidance included today.

Enjoy each of these golden nuggets but more importantly, take action on at least one thing this week.