Frequently Asked Questions About David Lorenzo’s Lawyer Coaching Programs

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What are the benefits of Dave Lorenzo’s Business Coaching for Attorneys?

There are many benefits to working in a one-on-one setting with unlimited access to one of the best business minds in professional services today - David V. Lorenzo. 

Here are a few that some of our clients have highlighted:

You make more money


This is why many people initially come to Dave Lorenzo.  They feel that they are dramatically unrewarded or under-rewarded for their efforts.  In reality lack of adequate financial resources is usually a symptom of a bigger problem. Dave works with you to get to the heart of the issue and he helps you fix it for good.

You have more time to spend with family and friends.

Working with Dave forces you to work “smart”.  This means that you find more efficient ways to get things done.  You’ll also become better at delegating and “letting go” of things that don’t require your direct involvement.

You will build your law firm the way YOU want it. Going into the office everyday should be fun and exciting.  You time with Dave will be spent helping you to rekindle the passion you once had for the law and for your clients.


You will begin to work ONLY with the clients you WANT to work with.

If you have a good client base you never have to take on a client or a matter that rubs you the wrong way.  You never have to sit with someone you can’t stand for hours and hours.

What are some of the advantages of Dave Lorenzo’s Business Coaching Program for Attorneys?

It is:

1). Personalized.  This program offers individual attention to the specific needs of the individual participant.  Dave customizes his approach to each participant.

2). Specific. Since it is geared to the needs of just one person, the Private Client program is uniquely relevant.

3). A Catalyst for Lasting Change: Individualized consulting and strategic development has a longer-lasting effect than ANY OTHER form of developmental work because some results are apparent almost immediately.

4). Immediately Applicable. Sessions with Dave include meaningful discussion that directly relate to the attorney’s current situation. You discuss real life issues and formulate real life solutions.

5.) Flexible.  The program is built around you.  You call when you need to discuss something with Dave.  You can call every day, once a week or once a month. You can discuss any topic at any time.

6.) A Great Investment:  Working with Dave Lorenzo will provide you with a significant return on investment.  If you only obtain one new client as a result of your work with Dave, you will receive, in general, a 100% return on your investment.

7.) Discreet. Your time with Dave allows highly personalized attention in a confidential setting. This makes the Private Client program appropriate and effective when a sensitive personal or professional issue requires intervention.

8.) Responsive. Dave offers specific guidance and recommendations for achieving identifiable results. You get what you need RIGHT NOW.

9.) Focused on Continuous Improvement.  Your work with Dave provides you with ongoing attention, and helps you test new theories and practice new skills over and over again. Your growth and the growth of your law firm are dependent on this continuous development.

10.) Just-in-time. You are busy.  Dave has specifically designed this program to fit in with the crazy schedules of business attorneys.  It doesn’t matter if you are a solo attorney looking to make a great living and live a great life or the Managing Partner of a 200 person firm; everyone needs someone to “bounce ideas off”.

The more successful you become the more isolated you will feel.  This program eliminates the isolation that often accompanies entrepreneurship and leadership.

Do you really turn people away?


We turn away about 20% of the people who apply and we put a good deal of the applicants on a waiting list when the program is at maximum capacity.

Why do people get turned away from your coaching programs?

The most common reason people are turned away is because they have unrealistic expectations.

People who want to get rich overnight and not do any work will not be a good fit for this coaching program.  The program can help you develop new client relationships quickly but that will depend upon the effort you put into it.

If you work hard at restructuring your practice and you follow the guidance Dave offers, you will most likely be successful. 

If you are not willing to make changes, this program is not going to work for you.  It is better to find this out before the process begins.

How much more money will I make if I work with you?

This is totally dependent upon you.

Some of our clients have done very well as a result of our work together.  We have seen reports of dramatic income increases.

Our goal with all of our clients is to return ten times what they have invested in the program.  We provide the guidance to help do this but ultimately the client is responsible for execution. 

There is no guarantee that you will make any money at all. Keep in mind that just one new client will likely offset the investment in working with us. 

Is David V. Lorenzo an attorney?


David is not an attorney.  He is an expert in management strategy, business development and fiscal fundamentals. 

What are David V. Lorenzo’s qualifications to coach attorneys?

Building a profitable law firm is as much about process management and business development as it is about the law. 

Dave has spent 22 years building professional service businesses.  He has started three businesses from scratch and built them into multi-million dollar successes.  He is also highly educated with a Masters Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Columbia University and an MBA in Management Science from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University.

In addition, Dave has worked with many, many attorneys and helped them build successful law firms that not only deliver value to their clients – they also enable the attorney to enjoy the lifestyle he/she deserves.

There are few – if any – coaches working with attorneys who can match Dave’s qualifications.

We also believe that it is a distinct competitive advantage that Dave approaches the practice of law from the perspective of a client.  He is not jaded by the paradigms of any specific law firm marketing system.  His approach is to disrupt the status quo to drive growth.

My law firm/law practice/situation is different.  Are you sure you can help me?

Everyone believes their situation is different – unique.  In most cases this just is not so. 

We understand that the rules for attorney marketing, advertising and referral vary from state to state.  We respect the fact that some attorneys may not enjoy certain marketing tactics.  We make adjustments to accommodate these issues.

All of our programs are custom designed.  Your program will be different than others that we develop – because you are an individual.  The program will help your business fit into your lifestyle and that is where we focus on the differences with each of our clients.

What is the cancellation policy?

You are free to discontinue your work with us at any time.  We do not provide refunds for cancellation. 

However you may freeze your participation in the program due to unusual circumstances.  This will allow you to pick up where you left off when things change.