Good Law Firm Marketing Includes Speaking Engagements

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Law firm marketing is most effective when you can establish credibility and differentiate your firm in the minds of many people at one time.  This is called marketing leverage and public speaking is one of the best examples of it.

You can speak at a convention or trade show, in front of a large or small group, locally or internationally.  The venue is less important than the audience.  Your audience should include the same people you target with your law firm marketing plan.  In other words, it should include your ideal client.  Select your speaking engagements based upon WHO will be in the room and not necessarily WHERE you will be speaking.

Once you have the right people in the room it is incumbent upon you to engage them.  You need to be interesting, entertaining and leave them wanting more.  Once they feel this way you must capitalize on that feeling.  Doing that is how you leverage speaking as a marketing tool.

Here are five ways to use speaking engagements in your law firm marketing plan:

Get contact information from attendees.  The goal of a speech is not to get a client.  It is to get contact information.  Few people will jump up during a talk and rush to the stage to hire you.  Don’t sell anything.  Do not give the audience “twenty one reasons to hire the Jones law firm”.

In your talk you are selling the audience on trusting you.  Earn that trust during your speech.  Show some vulnerability.  Give them good information.  Be the kind of person they want to know more about.

Always make an offer in your speech.  Give away something in return for collecting contact information. At the end of every speech you should make the audience an offer to get a free report containing more information about the topic you covered.  They can get this by filling out a form and providing their contact information.  This gives you permission to follow up with them after the event.  If your information is valuable, a significant portion of the audience will respond and this is a solid law firm marketing practice.

Numbers tell but stories sell.  You talk must include both facts and stories.  You want to both entertain the audience and inform them. Many times when an attorney gives a talk it is loaded with so many facts and so much case law that it makes watching Congress seem exciting.  Give your audience facts but also tell stories.  Pull them into the talk much like a good book will pull in the reader.

Tell them what to do but not how to do it.  This is one of the key rules of law firm marketing. You can’t change someone’s life during a speech but you can generate interest.  Few people will run out of your talk and try to handle their own legal matter.  When you tell people what to do you pique their interest.  Give them enough information to select a good lawyer.

End on a high note.  At the end of your speech people must feel good about you.  People will never remember what you have said but they will remember how you made them feel.  Finish your speech with a humorous story or a story that makes people feel good about themselves.  That’s what they will remember about you.

If you like to speak in public, getting up in front of a room full of people is a great way to differentiate yourself and your law firm.  Add public speaking into your law firm marketing plan.  It will help you develop relationships with many potential clients at one time and it provides a boost to your credibility.