Great Legal Marketing Always Includes a Call to Action

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What should I do next?

This is the question going through the mind of your prospective client after he has read an educational article you have written.  It is also the question that is going through his mind after he has attended one of your seminars.

You must help this prospective client answer this question.

Think about it.

You provided great educational content.  You got him thinking.  You motivated him to think and now you need to help him take action.

That’s why you need include a “call to action” in your legal marketing.

The call to action is essentially a guide to helping your prospective client take the next step in his desire to improve his condition.

A call to action is not complicated.  Simply tell your listeners/viewers/readers what to do.

Legal marketing doesn’t need to be complicated.  It needs to be clear.

Always include a call to action in all forms of legal marketing.

Give people clear, concise next steps they should take after they read your article, hear your speech or watch your video.