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Required ReadingToday I am delivering five opportunities for you to grow as a law firm leader.  Each of these articles offers guidance on how you can improve your personal acumen while growing your law firm.

While the links below will take you to some of the most powerful law firm leadership content you will find, it is worthless without action.

Read these articles, digest them, and then take action.

Ten Disciplines of Law Firm Leadership

This article outlines the ten qualities necessary in a law firm leader. If you want to grow your firm and lead it through good times and bad, you should read this article and listen to this podcast. In it we outline the ten most powerful habits of successful law firm leaders.

As a side note, the podcast (link and player included in the article) this is my most popular podcast to date.

Building a Law Firm That is also a Business

Your law firm is also a business.  This article offers you a chance to take a good hard look at yourself and your law firm and decide if you have what it takes to build a business.

Are You Trying to Win the Law Firm Marketing Lottery?

This is an article that provides you with a bucket of cold water over the head. If you want to discover how to create a law firm marketing plan, this article will be a great start.

How to Get Help for Your Law Firm Leadership Challenges

I regularly promote the need for assistance in developing your capabilities as a law firm leader. If you have thought about seeking advice on business strategy or law firm marketing, here are three great options.

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Please take a few moments and read through these articles (and listening to the podcast).  This is phenomenal guidance and it comes to you at the exact appropriate time.