How Attorneys Can Make a Great Living and Live a Great Life

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There are two kinds of law firms in existence today:

FREE Law Firms and FAKE Law Firms

Your law practice or your professional service firm is either FREE or it’s FAKE.

A FREE Firm is:

Fun – You enjoy what you are doing and who you work with.
Rewarding – Your work helps fulfill your personal mission.
Easy – Your work comes naturally to you.
Engaging – Your firm magnetically attracts others.

You know your law firm is FAKE if it is:

Frustrating – You can’t seem to break through to the next level.
Annoying – Going to work bothers you.
Killer – Your business is literally taking years off of your life.
Exhausting - You’re tired all the time and you don’t know why.

My mission is to help FAKE firms become FREE firms.

If you feel like you have been stuck in a rut in your law practice…

If you have not eaten dinner with your family in months…

If you can’t believe that you have to see that difficult client AGAIN…

If you are just flat out tired of busting your butt today to pay yesterday’s bills…

Listening to this interview may be the most valuable time you have ever spent.

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