How Attorneys Differentiate a Law Firm with Marketing

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Most attorneys think they are different when compared to their competitors.  In reality, to the client, every attorney looks the same.

If you stopped the average person on the street and said:  “What makes an attorney a great attorney?”

He would probably say: “He wins all his cases.”

The fact that most people would say this, makes it a point of entry into the market and not a differentiating factor.  In other words, “winning” becomes the standard.  It is the minimum expectation a client has when he hires you.

This is why the theory of “just be a good lawyer and the cases will fall in your lap” is so wrong.

Everyone says they are a good lawyer.  Everyone has references and testimonials that will provide evidence to prove they are a good lawyer.

Attorneys marketing their services must dig deeper to differentiate themselves.

To make matters more complicated, there are only four ways to do this. 

Here now, are the four ways to differentiate your law firm from all the others who do what you do:


This is the weakest form of differentiation.  If you want to be the discount lawyer in town you will most likely only hold that title for a brief period of time.

Anytime you cut your price, someone will be able to offer an identical service for less money.

Since other attorneys marketing their firms will be hanging their hat on pricing as a differentiating factor, you should avoid that.

In fact, you would be better served by positioning your law firm as the most expensive law firm in town.  At least in that case, people will come to you to see why you are able to charge so much.  To the extent you can justify your expensive price point; you will retain some clients who believe they are receiving greater value for the higher fee.


Great service is a point of entry into just about any legal market.  This means returning telephone calls promptly, strict adherence to appointment times and setting an observing to agreed-upon service standards, will not differentiate you from your competitors.

If you client is facing serious financial loss and/or the loss of his liberty, your retention as his lawyer does not hinge upon the greeting by your office receptionist.

Your client expects to be dealt with in a respectful manner.  He expects you to appreciate the trust has placed in you.  And he expects you to do your best to represent him.

Attorneys who don’t provide this service will not be able to build relationships with clients and referral sources.

Work Quality

Clients expect high quality work.  You can write the best briefs, file amazing motions and create terrific contracts and still be lumped in with everyone else in your field.

Too often I see attorneys compare their work to the worst lawyers in town.  They frame the discussion around “How much better they are than that guy.”  This is wrong-headed.

The discussion should center on the standard you set for excellence in your profession.  It should center on the lengths you go to in making certain you have prepared for representing your clients.

Client Experience

Creating an outstanding experience for your clients is the only way to truly differentiate your law firm from everyone else who does what you do.

What makes an outstanding experience?

That’s up to your clients.  But it starts with combining all of the elements listed above into one compelling value-filled offering. This means successful attorneys marketing their law firms will understand what the client needs and will find a way to help him want what he needs.

This is no small task because it involves creating realistic expectations and meeting them.

If you want to truly differentiate your law firm from the others, you must provide an exceptional experience to your clients.  All of the tangible aspects of running a successful business apply but the intangible aspects of your practice will truly make the difference.