How Do I Get Clients As A Lawyer? Play Hard to Get

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How to Get Clients as a Lawyer Play Hard to GetIf you are good at what you do, to your clients, you are a trusted advisor. When people get in trouble or they are facing a tough decision, you give them guidance based upon what is in their best interest.

You have an external orientation.  You offer guidance designed to improve the client’s condition.  The clients find that guidance valuable.  They believe the relationship they have with you is priceless.

The client also feels as though he is your only client.  This is not because you answer the telephone on the first ring.  It’s not because you run to his office when he can’t find a paper clip.  It’s because you have immersed yourself in his business and you think like his clients think. You think like his employees think.  You think like his competitors think.  Your advice originates from this perspective.  Your client believes you spend every one of your waking hours thinking about him and his business.

You have dozens, maybe hundreds of clients.  Each of them feels this way about you.  They cherish the golden nuggets of advice you deliver and they never, ever, hear about you working with one of their peers.

How important is this?

If you want to command high fees, it is critical.

Focusing on a handful of clients with complex issues will strengthen your ability to demonstrate your value.

But most people don’t do this.

They run out and sign up every client they can.  They attend every networking event they can.  They take every meeting, even those that only serve to waste their time.

In fact, most people are overexposed.

Doubt this?

Go to a chamber of commerce event.  Then go to a PTA meeting.  Then go to a social event at your house of worship.  You will see all the same people.  And they see you.  They can approach you and ask you any question.  And they do, often.

Now if you have a practice with a national (or international) clientele, there is no harm is being active in the local community.

But if you draw your clients from the small pool of people within your city or state, being readily accessible will not help you.

The older I get the more I realize some of the most valuable life lessons I’ve learned came from high school.

Reminisce with me for a moment.

Remember that special someone you had a crush on?

She was just perfect.  And you knew that if she was your girlfriend your life would be fantastic.  In addition to the obvious benefits of dating the beautiful, smart, popular girl, you would also have the admiration of your friends.

But you were never able to date that girl.  She was always just out of reach.  She knew you wanted to be with her and she made it difficult for that to happen.

What did this do?

It made you want her even more because you couldn’t have her.

The same phenomenon takes place in business.  If people see you everywhere nobody will want to pay to work with you.

This is controversial advice but it works.

Try it.  Give yourself a break from personal exposure for 90 days.  See what happens.

Note:  You should ramp up your other marketing initiatives while you reduce your personal exposure.  You are not trying to make people forget about you.  You want them to really value spending time with you.

Speaking of increasing your marketing…

Below is a player (and a link) that features a podcast with a step-by-step guide to marketing a law firm.  This is one of the most popular podcasts I have recorded.  Enjoy it, but more importantly, put it into action.

Want to know how to get clients as a lawyer? Listen and take action now.

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