How Often Should I Update My Blog?

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Law Firm Marketing Blog UpdatesSome lawyers blog because they enjoy writing.  Others blog because they realize educating people who visit their website is a good marketing practice.  Still other lawyers blog for the search engine optimization benefits.

There is no right or wrong reason to add great content to your website.  No matter what, adding high quality content is always a good thing.

One of the questions I receive most often about law firm marketing concerns frequency of blogging.

Lawyers ask: “How often should I update my blog?

The answer is: “You should update your blog as frequently as possible.”

Adding great content frequently has several benefits.  Here are a few:

Building Reader Loyalty

Many bloggers (particularly lawyers) underestimate the loyalty of their readers.  If you write regularly, and you provide high quality content with personality, you will develop a following of loyal readers.  The best case scenario is developing a following that cannot get enough of your information.

These folks expect consistent content.  Give it to them as often as possible.

Frequent Search Engine Visits

Search engines love new content.  If you update your blog daily and you post links from the social media engines (particularly Google+), your website will be visited by the gods of Google more often.  This means your content will have greater potential for discovery.

More Substantial Body of Work

Every blog post adds to your body of work.  Continuously creating and adding high quality content to your blog adds to the knowledgebase you have created.  This helps reinforce your credibility with first time visitors or people looking to use your services.

Clarity of Thought

One of the most underestimated aspects of blogging is the way regular writing can help you organize and focus your thinking.  The way you write is the way you think, but organizing your writing can also assist you in organizing your thoughts.  As with everything in life, practice makes perfect.

Frequent updates of content to your blog will definitely help your law firm marketing efforts.  If you can fit them into your schedule, daily updates are terrific for a number of reasons – even beyond the few I listed here.

The answer to the question: “How often should I update my blog?” is “Daily or as often as possible.”