How To Add A Blog To Your Law Firm Marketing Plan

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Add a Blog to Law Firm MarketingAs we have often discussed, frequently updated website content is a valuable marketing tool.  One of the best ways to organize and disseminate high quality educational information, on line, is by blogging.

In the past few days, we have addressed issues about blogging frequency and quality.  Today I have prepared an outline for blogging effectiveness and an audio program that should help you add blogging to your law firm marketing plan.

This blogging business plan is available on my weekly podcast.  Click on the player below to listen or save the file by following the attached link.

Blogging as Part of a Law Firm Marketing Plan

Here is an outline of the material contained in the 23 minute podcast:

The Advantages of Blogging:

  • Three ways blogging can enhance your credibility.
  • Blogging as a tool to improve on-line visibility
  • How blogging can help differentiate you from your competition

Technical recommendations:

We answer the three most commonly asked technical questions related to blogging:

  • Should a blog be on a separate domain?
  • Who should own the blog and the content?
  • How much does blog layout and design matter?

Next we cover the three “T’s of blogging:”

  • Topic: What should I write about?
  • Tone: Should my blog be authoritative, educational or friendly?
  • Timing: How often should I write?

Finally we wrap things up by tying everything together and helping it fit into your law firm marketing plan.

A blog is a great marketing tool for any attorney and this podcast will help you develop your content in a way that will get maximum results.

Listen today and take immediate action.