How To Create Content for Blogs, Newsletters and Articles On Demand

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One of the questions I get most often relates to the quantity of the information I create and share with my various audiences.

For those of you who are new to my world here is the list:

I write an article for  three days each week.

I record a video that goes up on each weekday and I post that same video with some light commentary on  on a daily basis.

I also write and publish a monthly newsletter – The Rainmaker Letter and a weekly email newsletter – The Rainmaker Minute.

In addition to the above, I help attorneys with business strategy, practice management and client acquisition and I consult with law firms on everything from restructuring and mergers and acquisitions to succession planning and leadership development.

This brings us back to the question at hand:

How do I find the time to come up with content and get the writing done?

The answer is probably not what most people expect.  Let me break it down into two parts:

Part 1:  Content Development

When it comes to content, I actually have a schedule that I follow.  I have about a dozen core concepts that I write about regularly and once each month I make lists of ideas related to those concepts.  Then I start writing articles based upon those ideas.

In addition to this schedule, I have a couple of other methods I use to create content.

When one of my clients asks me a good question, I write it down and answer it in an article.

When I read something relevant to my core audience, I will take notes and write an article about it.

When something appears in the news that is interesting and relevant to my audience, I write the idea down and make it the subject of an article later on.

Basically, I walk around with a note pad and write down good ideas when they hit me.  That (and a good schedule) is the content development portion of my publishing work.

Part 2:  The Writing

Let me start by saying I love to write.  I find it almost therapeutic.  But it is essential to my business so I give it the importance it deserves.

Every day I spend my first two waking hours writing.  This is when I write articles, blog posts, video content or anything that can be started and finished in that two hour window.  I decide what to write the night before so that when I wake up I start the coffee and hit the keyboard.

At the end of my workday, right before I head home, I shoot and edit a video.  That process takes about an hour (if the content is already written).  I let the video upload overnight and I post it on the website the following day.

The best piece of advice I can give to anyone who wants to use the written word to develop their business is to make a habit of writing.  Your brain is like a muscle and writing is a skill.  The more you use it the stronger it becomes. Pick a specific time each day and dedicate that time to writing. If you keep at it you will be a content machine in no time.