How To Drive Quality Visitors To Your Blog

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How to Attract Clients as a LawyerDuring our series of articles on marketing for lawyers with a blog we made a point of highlighting clients as the ultimate goal.  Our thought process being:  People search for information and they find your website because of the great content on your blog and they pick up the phone and call you (or email you).

That is the ideal scenario.

The likely scenario is: A person searches for something and finds it on your blog.  He/she reads a few articles and they go away.  They come back to your blog on another occasion (when looking for information on a similar topic) read it, and they go away again.  Finally, they come back a third time, find more valuable information and call you (or email you).

This is a difficult way to get clients as a lawyer.  After all, you have to engage the prospective client three different times before he calls.  This requires anticipating his needs, providing educational information that’s on point, and delivering that information in an entertaining and informative way.

There’s a lot that has to go right in order to make that happen and much of it is left to chance.

Let’s outline some activity that will remove the random elements from this process.  In other words, let’s determine who the ideal visitor is to your blog and let’s put information in front of him so that he is attracted to it frequently.

Targeting Blog Readers On Social Media

There is one highly productive use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ – targeting groups of people.

Each of these social media websites is a marketing engine.  They collect valuable information about visitors.  The visitors voluntarily surrender this information and welcome use of it for purposes of targeted marketing.

Head over to the social media website of your choice and join groups of people in your target audience. (LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ all have a group feature and you can find people self-selecting into groups by industry or subculture.)  If you are an attorney targeting consumers (personal injury, criminal defense, real estate, family law) you can look for groups that contain your referral sources since people will rarely self-select into groups that highlight the need for your services.

Once you find these groups, monitor the discussion forums.  See what topics keep surfacing.  Then write about those topics on your blog and post links to those topics in the forums.

Engage people in those social media groups in on-line conversations.  Ask them about the issues they face.  Ask them about things that keep them up at night.  Ask them where they go to find solutions for their problems.  Taylor your law firm blog content to their needs.

Continue Conversation After a Speaking Engagement

After you give a speech, invite people to provide you with their contact information.  Load that contact info into a database management program and, at least once each week, email these folks a relevant article from your blog (with a link to other articles).

These people attended a speech you gave.  You know they are interested in that topic.  Give them more of what they want via email but always include “additional resources” with a link to your blog.


If you have a budget, you can place direct response ads in trade publications or on websites that target your ideal clients or referral sources.  These ads should direct your target to a landing page where you will capture their information.  After capturing the information, email them each week with an article of interest and a link back to your blog.

These strategies remove some of the random nature from blogging.  They also put you in control of traffic creation.  Why rely on Google to deliver visitors to your blog?  Go out and find them and attract them on your own.

Just because blogging is considered “inbound marketing” doesn’t mean you have to wait for your ideal client to stumble into your educational information.  Go out and invite him in and if he finds your information interesting, helpful, and relevant, he will come back for more.

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