How to Get a Book Publishing Deal

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Lawyer Marketing Book PublishingOnce you write a book that is successfully published you will be asked (over and over again) how to get a book publishing deal.

I get this question a lot.

Lawyers think getting a publishing deal will help them get clients.  Some people (a few lawyers included) think being a published author is the key to fortune and fame.

Being published helps with credibility, and it can also increase your visibility, but it is not a panacea.

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to offer the best advice I know of on getting a book publishing deal.

(Keep in mind I have only written two books and only one of them was commercially published – but hey, you asked…)

Here are three steps to getting commercially published:

Step One:  Build a huge list of followers

This is absolutely essential.  You must have a huge list of people who have given you permission to communicate with them.  Email, physical address, social media subscribers, all of those count.

I recently attended a presentation by one of the leading agents in business book publishing and he said publishers were looking for a list of at least 30,000 subscribers in a narrow niche and at least 100,000 subscribers in a broad niche.

This guy also said he wanted his authors to have a Klout Score of over 70.  Yeah, he actually referenced Klout scores.  I threw up in my mouth a little and wrote it down.

Step Two:  Successfully Sell This List of People Other Information Products

Publishers want to know your audience will buy things from you.  You can be the most brilliant person on the planet but if you can’t sell your ideas, they are worthless.

So to get a book publishing deal you’ve got to prove your sales skills (even as a lawyer if you don’t sell, you are not getting published).

Step Three:  Write a Book People Want

No publisher cares what you want to write about.  They only care about things that will sell.  What sells?  Books that fill a need or solve a problem.  If you are going to pitch a topic to an agent or a publisher, it better be something that can solve a problem that has persisted for ages and at the same time, one that people need to solve.

Is this the advice you were looking for?


Is it accurate?



Sometimes the advice that answers the question:  “How do I get clients as a lawyer?”  Is incongruent with your version of reality.  That’s probably the case with getting a book published too.

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