Ignorance is Expensive

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Ignorance is ExpensiveWhat you don’t know can kill your business. As a lawyer, a lack of knowledge in three specific areas can be especially deadly:

  • Business Strategy
  • Self Awareness
  • Relationship Development

Last week I shared some information with you in each of these areas. I know how busy you are and I know how hard you work so I figured I’d take a minute and provide you with a summary of the five most impactful articles I shared last week.

These are the articles you voted most important (via social media):

The Step-by-Step Guide to Connecting with Someone New

This is a video guide to making a new friend.

In business our “friends” help us by referring business to us.

If you’ve ever felt awkward when meeting someone new, this video will help you break the ice.

How to Start a New Relationship

Want more detail on getting people to like you do business with you?  This article can help. In this article, I write out, in detail, the things you can do to build a relationship with a new prospective client or referral source.  Follow the guidelines as I’ve laid them out and you will be well on your way to sourcing your next big client.

Increase Client Lifetime Value by Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Too many professionals, especially lawyers, don’t know what to do once they have attracted a great client.  This audio program will help you deepen your relationship with your clients and maximize the lifetime value they can deliver to you.

Are You Right for this Role?

The two most important qualities any attorney can possess are empathy and understanding. When you meet someone new, if you immediately launch into a lengthy diatribe about your background and experience, you immediately lose the trust of that person.

This short article is a quick reminder of why people like you.

My Gift to You

Did you get my free CD?  I’ve offered it to you several times.  Make sure you get a copy. We only have a couple left. Click this link: Million Dollar Lawyer Secrets and I’ll send you one.  It only takes a couple of days and I even cover the shipping.

Go through these articles and pick and choose the things you want to implement.  Remember the ideas are great but they are nothing without your action.