Ignore the Blowhards.  Trust Yourself

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I’m not sure why you came to this website.

Maybe you are here because you want more clients for your law firm.  Maybe you are here because you are looking to hire someone to help you with law firm marketing.  Maybe you are here just because you did a random Google Search and found it.

In any event, there are a few things I think you should know about law firm marketing before you read any further:

1:  You can do it yourself.

You do not need to hire someone to help you with law firm marketing.  You can go out and develop relationships on your own and those relationships will eventually lead to clients.  Do not hire a law firm marketing expert until you try to do it yourself.

2:  First be a good lawyer.

If you are a crappy lawyer you may still be able to attract clients but you will be doing the public a great deal of harm.  If you suck as a lawyer, do not focus on marketing.  Focus on finding a new career – preferably one that you do not suck at.

3.  Embrace the True Definition of Marketing.

Marketing is relationship development.  Sometimes this happens in a one-to-one setting.  Sometimes it happens in a one-to-many setting.

Placing an ad on a billboard is a form of marketing just as a FREE consultation is a form of marketing.

Blogging is a form of marketing.  There’s a lot of bullshit on blogs.  Some people really believe the bullshit they write.  That doesn’t mean it is true.  It just means the author of the blog thinks it is true.  Judge for yourself.

4. Do not fear the language.

In order for people to develop a relationship with you they must first know you exist.  Marketing professionals have developed jargon to describe the process of relationship development. Just like someone must be an acquaintance before he becomes a friend, someone must be a prospect (prospective client) before he becomes a client.

If you want someone to “buy” (believe) your idea you must “sell” it to them (convince them).

Just words.  Don’t get crazed.

5.  If it smells like Bullshit, avoid it.

There are lots of unethical marketing practitioners in the world today just like there are lots of unethical lawyers.  In many cases you need to get close enough to notice the stink of their bullshit.  Do your homework.  Ask for references before you hire one of them (from either profession).  Do not rely on their words.  Talk to the people who have paid for their service.

Do not judge one person because of the actions of another.  If you have 10 bad experiences with lawyers does that mean that EVERY lawyer will be equally bad?  No.  The same is true of people who provide law firm marketing advice.  You must do your homework and make sure you are working with someone who has your interests at heart.

Final Thought

Pompous assholes exist in every profession.

Use your head and do your homework (I might have mentioned that already).  If you want legal marketing help, have conversations with several law firm marketing experts before you make a decision.  There are a handful of true experts out there but they are hard to hire…mainly because they are busy.  Just like lawyers…