In Law Firm Marketing Be a Leader

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When it comes to membership in groups or associations you really need to weigh your options carefully.  You want to be certain you help fulfill the mission of the group but you also want to help your business in the process.

Making the most of your membership (from a law firm marketing perspective) means that you must take the lead.  It means rising up from the rank and file members and helping to make the organization successful.

Assuming a high profile position does three things:

It elevates your status.  Leadership in any group will automatically confer status upon you outside that group.  People who view you as a leader will almost always view you as a leader in multiple settings.

It shows you are up to the challenge. Well not just THE challenge, any challenge.  Leadership is difficult.  Most people know this.  Taking the lead in one group is a great example of how you can take the lead in almost any situation (in the eyes of others).

It develops trust. Once you are elevated to a leadership role in an organization people immediately feel as though they can trust you.  Psychologically, people sense that you must have been elected or appointed because you are a trustworthy person.

There are many reasons (beyond law firm marketing) to give back to a group or organization by taking on a leadership role.  You will benefit in many ways from volunteering your time and energy.