In Marketing For Law Firms Thought Leadership Makes a Difference

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In any business there are certain people who get the really difficult assignments.  These folks are the people who are known as the experts in their field.

When a client has a particularly difficult issue, there is one person who is known as the “go to” guy/gal for solving this specific problem.

Some lawyers are geniuses at drafting agreements.  Some are fantastic at mergers and acquisitions.  Others are great trial lawyers.  The list is as expansive as there are nuances in the law.

If you want to be perceived as someone with mastery of a specific area of law, you must seize the mantle of thought leadership.

When it comes to marketing for law firms, thought leadership is the key to becoming the “go to” person.

Thought leadership means publishing ground-breaking work on the subject.

It means speaking on your area of expertise at leading industry events.

It means being quoted in industry trade publications often as “THE expert.”

This seems like a lot of work because it is.

That’s why there are so few thought leaders.

If you want to command high fees, if you want to be the only person on the list when clients are listing the people who can help them solve their problem, you must be a thought leader.

Think broadly about marketing for law firms for a moment.  So much of it is similar.

Stand out from the crowd and leverage your expertise.  Become a thought leader and begin to attract high quality clients.

It is worth the effort.