Inside The Mind Of The Rainmaker Lawyer

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Inside the Mind of the Rainmaker LawyerIf you are wondering how to get clients as a lawyer you need to take a trip inside the mind of the Rainmaker.

A Rainmaker Lawyer knows there are few problems that cannot be remedied by more revenue.

A Rainmaker Lawyer focuses on starting new relationships and deepening existing ones.

The Rainmaker Lawyer is immune from criticism.  His ego makes him bulletproof.

The Rainmaker Lawyer knows his ethics must be beyond reproach because his peers (with lesser business development skills) will, out of jealousy, critique him for every little misstep.

The Rainmaker Lawyer respects and admires the skills of his legal team.  He knows he is nothing without their support.

A Rainmaker Lawyer works hard behind the scenes to learn what his clients want but more important, he learns what his clients need.  Then he works hard at helping the client want what they need.

Time is not a friend to the Rainmaker Lawyer.  He knows that speed makes all the difference when working with clients.  He thinks fast, he talks fast but he takes action even faster.

When the going gets tough, the Rainmaker Lawyer always comes through.  His instinct for making a deal and his relationship development skills magically seem to come together at the perfect time for the client and the Rainmaker’s firm.

Everyone wants to be the successful trial lawyer who wins the big case.  Everyone wants to be M&A expert who closed the big deal.  Nobody goes to school with the ambition of opening doors and closing deals but the lawyer with that skill is indispensable.

So if you are wondering how to get clients as a lawyer, you need to start inside the mind of the man who puts food on the table for all the others.