Interesting Reading on Law Firms, Marketing and Other Cool Stuff

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Love is in the air at Above The Law. Their article on Valentine’s Day Advice is as humorous as it is valuable. It also includes some good links to other similarly themed posts from around the legal blogosphere. Read it before you hit the mall for the box of chocolate.

Jay Fleischman at Legal Practice Pro discusses why using Blogger (blogging platform) is a mistake. It’s kind of like using a starter set of golf clubs. Don’t believe me. Read Jay’s article.

Bitter Lawyer bashes Big Law (in a most professional way) and of course we love it.

Brian Tannebaum makes a house call and gets kicked in the crotch for his trouble. Funny and instructive.

I just read Kimberly Houser’s post about the FTC Testimonial Law and its implications for bloggers. It reminded me to remind you about it. Consider yourself reminded.

These are just a few of the good articles from smart people I found on the web in the recent past. Please feel free to send me anything you find interesting so I can highlight it for everyone else.