Is Email Part Of Your Law Firm Marketing Plan?

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Lawyers Must Add Email to Their Markting Plan NowEmail should play a critical role as part of your law firm marketing plan.  Here are three ways you can use it to your advantage:

As a weekly newsletter:  Email newsletters are a staple of a law firm marketing plan.  Each week you should write an article that is interesting, informative and is reflective of your personality.  Send this article to: potential referral sources, past clients, current clients and friends and family.

If the information is relevant to the audience and interesting, your email message will be widely read.

The frequency of your email newsletter is critical.  Weekly “conversations” with your target audience is the key to building trust.

As an educational course:  This often overlooked use of email is highly effective.  Offer visitors to your website the opportunity to enter their name and email address into a box on your website that will enroll them in your email educational course delivered each day for X days (I deliver mine over five days).  You then subscribe to a service that automatically sends out this email each time a new person enrolls.

How does this fit into your law firm marketing plan?  It helps position you as a thought leader by providing educational material to your prospective clients.  You help them understand how to hire the best possible lawyer.

As a client survey tool.  Want to know what your clients (and past clients) think?  Ask them.  Responses to an email survey can be useful for developing future marketing campaigns and they can also help you detect issues with your service delivery.  The same email service that you use to deliver your weekly newsletter and use to provide your educational course can also send out these surveys.

These are just three of the many ways to incorporate email into your law firm marketing plan.  There are dozens of others.  Implement these three today and you will be pleasantly surprised at the referrals you receive as a result.