Is Your Law Firm A Roach Motel?

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Is Your Law Firm a Roach MotelYou may remember The Roach Motel.

It is a device that lures the nasty little bugs into a box with pheromones and then catches them in glue until they struggle to their death.  The packaging of this simple bug trap has made it a bestseller in its market for 35 years.

I find that many lawyers these days have developed law firms that function exactly like The Roach Motel.

The practice of law was attractive, enticing and seductive.  You saw the attractive package and you entered.  Now you are struggling mightily and you fear that you will continue to struggle until you exhaust all energy.

You’re in and now you cannot get out.

Your law firm is not what you thought it would be.

You spend 12-16 hours each day working on client matters.  Your kids are growing up and you know this because you peek in on them while they are sleeping.  You’re afraid to turn away any business because you never know when the next client will come along.  You often find it is easier to spend an hour handling a simple task yourself rather than hiring and teaching a young lawyer how to do it.  Besides, hiring takes time and you have none of that to spare.

You are just like that ugly little bug, stuck on the glue struggling to escape.

But there is hope for you.

You are not a small-brained insect.  You have the ability to change your behavior.  You can escape from the torture of building a law firm you cannot stand.  And you can escape quickly.

But you have to be committed to making a change.

If you are committed, I can help you.

Call me today to discuss how you can escape The Law Firm Roach Motel.  For a nominal consultation fee we can discuss your options. 888.692.5531

Don’t you deserve the opportunity to make a great living and live a great life?

Remember:  Sometimes lawyers check in but they need help checking out.